Stratus Redundant Linux 3.0 and everRun 8.0 Now Available forDownload

Stratus Product Management is pleased to announce that the Stratus Redundant Linux 3.0
release and the everRun 8.0 release are available for download.

These new releases include several major improvements for both products, including:

  • New APIs for expanded edge manageability – SRL 3.0 and everRun 8.0 add more than two
    dozen RESTful API calls for remote management and visibility into platform health from local
    control rooms, the cloud, or single pane of glass operations centers.
  • Up to 30% increase in performance – The latest version of SRL and everRun deliver more
    processing efficiency, resulting in up to 30% increase in performance over ztC Edge
    platforms running previous versions of SRL, and a 15% increase in performance over systems
    running previous versions of everRun.
  • Support for more Linux guest operating systems – SRL 3.0 and everRun 8.0 expand the list
    of guest operating systems they support, including Linux variants such as CentOS Stream,
    Oracle Enterprise Linux, as well as the latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and
    Ubuntu Server. View the full list of Windows and Linux guest operating systems supported
    on ztC Edge and everRun.
  • Non-redundant VMs for cybersecurity use cases – End users have the option to designate
    select virtual machines (VMs) as non-redundant in a paired/dual deployment configurations
    These non-redundant VMs are set up with one-way, traffic monitoring to help threat
    scanning solutions prevent spread of malware.
  • Move to Ubuntu Linux-based development – With SRL 3.0 and everRun 8.0, Stratus has
    moved from its prior CentOS-based Linux development to Ubuntu Linux, which is the largest
    and most popular version of Linux. This change ensures a long-term roadmap for Linux
    development as well as regular support for CVEs and other patches.
  • Faster boot times for the ztC Edge 200i and 250i, making the time to boot single nodes
    comparable to that for ztC Edge 100i and 110i.
  • Expanded support of Intel® processors, including fourth generation Xeon® processors, in
    everRun 8.0.
  • All everRun and ztC Edge configurations will have to go through a migration process to install
    SRL 3.0 and everRun 8.0 on existing systems, which will require some downtime to complete.
    Please make sure customers follow the migration guides for ztC Edge and everRun

Customers on active support contracts can download SRL 3.0 and everRun 8.0 for no additional
charge. In addition, you can find new sales enablement and marketing content, including new
product decks for ztC Edge and everRun, in the Stratus Partner Portal.